In Ancient Greece, prominent philosophers put forth the idea that justice should go only to the party capable of making the most convincing argument in their favor. Such a system would be dismissed as archaic if it were introduced to Georgia law today, as the vast majority of us like to believe we have progressed to a system which assures justice goes to the party which rightfully deserves it. However, it is an unfortunate though common occurrence for an innocent member of society to be fined, placed on probation, or even sentenced to jail simply because the prosecution crafted a persuasive argument against them. To protect against the latter, it is important for the defendant to secure a willing legal team capable of an aggressive criminal defense. Such a team can be found at the Law Firm of Caryn S. Fennell.

Testing scientific evidence

There are many cases in which the scientific evidence presented by the prosecution is not disputed by the defendant’s legal representation, either because they do not feel doing so is necessary or because they are aware of their client’s guilt and do not wish to confirm it through scientific analysis. When embarking upon an aggressive criminal defense, your attorney Caryn S. Fennell will insist all scientific evidence presented by the prosecution, is tested and the results, presumably proving your innocence, are then presented to the judge or jury assigned to your case.

Examination of other evidence

The dedication of the staff and lawyers at the Law Firm of Caryn S. Fennell will not end with the testing of scientific evidence. Your legal team will carefully examine all other evidence presented by the prosecution before forming or altering their argument based on their findings. In many cases, she will spend a lengthy portion of your trial or hearing dissecting all evidence against you, discussing each alleged proof one by one. This may seem like a tedious process, but it is often essential to clear the name of the defendant. Your legal team may also seek to suppress any damaging evidence it feels could convince the judge and/or jury of your guilt.

Inclusion of witnesses

In certain cases, it may be deemed somewhat dramatic for the defense to call upon witnesses to prove the innocence of their client. However, the Law Firm of Caryn S. Fennell is dedicated to upholding the values upon which the American judicial system was founded, and will include witnesses in any defense case if doing so will prove the innocence of the defendant. Fennell will also seek to interview witnesses presented by the prosecution in an attempt to craft an argument, which will cast doubt upon their testimonies.

A final word

We at the Law Firm of Caryn S. Fennell believe an aggressive criminal defense should be reserved only for the most extreme of cases. However, when one of our attorneys feels it is time to begin crafting one, you can be certain that they will fully dedicate themselves to the cause. If an aggressive criminal defense is the one thing standing between you and total exoneration, our legal experts will not stop fighting for you until your case is brought to a just conclusion and your good name is restored. Call us today at (770) 479-0248 for a free consultation.