How to Foster a Healthy Co-Parenting Relationship

Sadly, divorce not only breaks couples apart, but it also has a way of bringing out the worst in even the most caring and thoughtful of individuals. It’s emotions like anger, jealousy, and resentment that create seemingly insurmountable obstacles to a successful co-parenting relationship. And it’s these fiery emotions that make co-parenting a significant challenge for many former couples. The fact is, children need both their mother and their father in their lives, regardless of whether or not both of you are still married. However, if the relationship between you and your ex is toxic, this negativity can spill over into the life of your children and have a substantial detrimental effect on their well-being. At the Law Office of Caryn S. Fennell, we’ve helped countless clients with co-parenting and visitation arrangements that foster a positive environment for the children and with co-parenting strategies that encourage a healthy relationship. Read on to learn more about our tips for having a healthy co-parenting relationship… Remember, it’s all about the kids, not you Challenges are significantly decreased when adults remember that it’s about the kids and not about themselves. Make a commitment with your ex to always put your child(ren)’s needs and well-being [...]

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Know the Difference Between Separation and Divorce

Life often presents us with unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes these surprises involve our significant others and are not always of the pleasant variety. As time passes, not all couples thrive grow closer. Their paths in life may lead them in different directions, causing them to lose sight of the love they once had for each other. When irreconcilable differences happen, most couples will need to seek either a legal separation or a divorce. These divergences can be benign or dangerous; everyone’s tale is different. But when it comes to making this life change, for better or worse, many couples don’t have a good understanding of the difference between a legal separation and a divorce, let alone why one may apply to their situation more than the other. In this article, we’ve broken down the main differences and procedures to help you navigate this difficult period in your life. Levels of Separation Before we delve into separation as opposed to divorce, it is important to understand separation in its entirety. Separation is, some may be surprised to find, a category more than it is a state of your relationship. Separation, in legal terms, can be further broken down into two types: [...]

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The Best Ways to Share Easter Fun With Your Kids

The change of seasons from winter to spring can be an exciting time. Especially for kids that have been cooped up inside most of the winter. Warmer weather means much more to do outside, whether it be riding bikes, picking flowers, playing in puddles, or visiting a favorite playground, the opportunities for family-friendly activities are endless. Holidays are an especially exciting time for both kids and adults alike, and Easter is no exception. With so many ideas floating around the web, finding the best Easter activities for you and your family can feel overwhelming. But don’t stress out, this time of year is about positive change as we move towards sunny days and warmer weather. AT The Law Office of Caryn S. Fennell our team loves spending quality time with their family during the Easter Holiday, and have put together some fun and unique activities that you too can enjoy with kids of your own. Kid-Friendly Easter Activities Easter is a great time to decorate baskets, color eggs, making chocolates, and having Easter egg hunts. We’ve gathered up some of the best Easter activities that will be sure to delight both you and your little ones. DIY Natural Flower Pots What [...]

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March Product Recalls You Should Know About

  Chef Boyardee Rice with Chicken and Vegetables Recalled Conagra Brands of Milton, Pa., is recalling approximately 2,871 pounds of Chef BOYARDEE rice with chicken & vegetables. The product may contain milk and wheat, allergens not declared on the label. There are no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products. H-E-B Recalls Sauté Pans Due to Laceration Hazard This recall involves H-E-B’s Kitchen & Table 5.5 qt. Sauté Pans with glass lids. The affected products were sold in red and gray. There is a Kitchen & Table logo and production date code on the bottom of the pans. Only pans with a date code from 05/2018 through 12/2018 are included in the recall. Claire’s Stores, Inc., Announces Voluntary Recall of Three Make-Up Products Out of an abundance of caution, today Claire’s Stores, Inc., announced a voluntary recall of three cosmetic products: Claire’s Eye Shadows, Claire’s Compact Powder and Claire’s Contour Palette. All three products were offered for sale between October 2016 and March 2019 and have been removed from the marketplace. They were sold in Claire's stores nationwide and on www.claires.com.  Any consumers who have purchased these products should discontinue use and return them to a Claire’s store [...]

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Tips on How to Cope as a Single Parent

  Raising a child (or children) as a single parent is a difficult, and sometimes stressful task. While circumstances vary, one thing is certain, single parenthood is no walk in the park. Being a parent can be difficult even when you have the support and help of a partner there to help you split responsibilities, so when most of the weight of parenting falls back on only your shoulders it can be overwhelming. While every situation is different, there are some tried and true tips you can follow as a single parent that can help make things a little easier. At the very least, these tips can give you some perspective when you’re having a rough day.   1: Remember that being a single parent is both a gift and a responsibility. Even though it’s not always easy, it’s important to keep perspective and remember that there is value in being a single parent. While it might not always seem like it on days when your kids are unhappy, they will likely grow up to appreciate the hard work and sacrifices you are making. Being a single parent also gives you the opportunity to define and shape the way your family [...]

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Legal Rights of Women in Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a difficult time in anyone’s life. But it can be especially traumatic and nerve wrecking when you gave up your job, education, or finances to care for your kids or help your spouse. Because of this, many women are afraid of being kicked out of their home or forced to live on their own during a divorce. Thankfully, the law protects women who have sacrificed their finances, career or life for their families. Know that if you’re a woman facing divorce, you likely have many distinct legal rights to protect your interests. Your Rights as a Woman Facing Divorce: The right to remain in your home If you are a stay-at-home mom - or the primary guardian and caretaker for your kids - a judge can rule that you are allowed to stay in your home for the duration of divorce proceedings. You might even keep the home as part of the settlement, depending on your circumstances. Even if you don’t keep your home, you shouldn’t be immediately uprooted. In situations where women cannot remain in their home after a divorce, they are generally given a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the [...]

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How to Find Time for Friends After Having A Kid

Having children is a life-altering experience…and one that you may or may not have been ready for. The fact is, after you’ve had a baby, your life will likely look a lot different than it did prior. If you’re a first-time parent, it can be especially difficult to keep up with your old social life, friends, hobbies and activities. While you’ll undoubtedly be busier than you used to be, and have a lot more on your mind, being a parent doesn't mean you have to totally give up your social life, even if it feels like you might have to at first. You can still make time for your friends even after you’ve had kids. This short guide will help you understand why that’s important, and offer some quick tips on how to make your friends a priority without impacting your ability to be a great parent to your child. Make Time for Friends and Socializing Everyone will warn you and tell you all about how kids change your life, but it’s hard to really imagine this until you hold that new baby in your arms. Suddenly, you aren’t getting as much sleep, and you are emotionally and physically focused on [...]

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Product Recalls to Keep Your Family Safe

  RIDGID NXT wet-dry vacuums recalled - About 208,000 RIDGID NXT wet-dry vacuums, models HD06000 and HD09000 from Emerson Tool Co. They were sold exclusively at Home Depot stores nationwide and online at www.homedepot.com from March 2018-July 2018. The power switch can become dislodged and expose energized wiring, posing a shock hazard to consumers. No injuries have been reported. Emerson Tool will provide a free replacement powerhead assembly. Green Sprouts Infant Rattles from Whole Foods Market Recalled - About 6,100 Green Sprouts multicolored flower rattles imported by I Play Inc. They are made of wood measure 2½ inches long by 2½ inches wide by 4 inches high. Attached to the handle are three round wooden balls shaped like flowers, including one that contains a silver metal bell, all attached with an elastic cord. The rattles were sold at Whole Foods Market stores and other stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com and other websites from December 2014-October 2018. Pieces can come loose, posing a choking hazard to infants. There have been at least three reports of pieces detaching. No injuries have been reported. Ford F-150 recall affecting 400K vehicles to begin - Ford Motor Company’s safety recall of more than 400,000 U.S.-based F-150 trucks was expected to begin on Monday, according to [...]

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Finalize Alimony By Dec 31 To Avoid Tax Break

If you’re filling for divorce, you may want to hurry up your paperwork. That’s because a new tax law, affecting alimony payments, will go into effect this New Year’s Eve. Happy holidays. The law was finalized last year. Among other things, it removes alimony from the list of “tax-deductible” items from an individual’s income. Translation: If you’re paying alimony, you will now also have to pay tax on it. If you’re receiving alimony, you might receive a smaller amount - since your payment will be taxed at a higher tax bracket than the rest of your income. Because of this, countless couples are rushing to their divorce lawyers this holiday season. Alimony agreements finalized before 2019 are exempt from the new law - so paperwork must be sorted out, long-buried negotiation points resurrected, and agreements signed before the holidays are over. Why would President Trump inject such a grinch-like occasion into everyone’s Christmas? Unsurprisingly, the answer is financial. The motive behind the bill There are at least two reasons Trump signed the changes on alimony tax. Increased tax revenue First, the new law will result in a significant income increase for the federal government. Previously, alimony payments were taxed on receipt. [...]

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Family Trip Ideas for the Holidays

The 2018 holiday season is upon us! Holiday songs are playing loudly on the radio and for those of us in northern states, snow is falling faster than prices on Black Friday. This time of year is an exciting one that many people enjoy, but it can also be hectic and full of many activities. During the holidays, kids are often out of school and parents sometimes have additional time off of work. This makes the holidays a great time to get away for a while and go on a trip. Below we’ve put together a list of some of the best family vacations to take during the holidays. And, we’ve also included some ideas for having fun holiday family trips when you aren’t able to go too far from home. Best Winter Family Trips When school is out, it's the perfect time to get the family together to make some memories and get away from it all. These trips are ones that the whole family is likely to enjoy. If you're able to plan a bigger trip this year, you might want to check some of these places out. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the best family-friendly [...]

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