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Plea negotiation is a process used to resolve a criminal charge short of a trial. Plea negotiations usually include some form of penalty to the defendant that is much less than the penalty that the defendant could face at trial if they lose. The risks and benefits of negotiating a plea versus going to trial must always be understood and the decisions are taken very seriously. Often, when a case has little or no chance of being dismissed before trial, or the defendant has very little chance of being acquitted at trial, then a plea option may be the only other alternative to minimize the consequences of a criminal conviction.

Only a defendant can decide how to resolve their case, whether through plea negotiations or a trial, but when the evidence of guilt is greater than the risks of going to trial, and the risks of losing at trial are greater than the costs of accepting a plea offer, then plea negotiations must be taken very seriously. Finding a legal advocate capable of aggressive advocacy, and professional decorum will provide clients with the most number of options, and increase the likelihood of obtaining the most favorable to our clients.