When it becomes necessary for you and your partner to go different directions and you are unable to agree to how you will separate the “stuff”, our firm is¬†here to take you through all the steps of Divorce Litigation with professionalism,¬†experience and reliable representation.

There are many steps in a litigation of Divorce matter:

  • Petition for Divorce: A Petitioner for Divorce must be filed with the Court in the county you reside. You must be a residence of said county for 6 months or more prior to filing your case.
  • Service of the Petition: The other party must be served with the Petition and are required to file an Answer, which may include a counter-claim.
  • Temporary Orders: Upon filing of the Petition, either party may requests a Temporary Order that either allow or prohibit one or both parties from doing certain things, such as, unnecessarily spending or interfering with the other party’s use of property.
  • Discovery: Discovery is the process of documenting the facts relative to the case. During discovery, each party provides information requested by the other party. This typically includes financial information and other relevant information. The parties also disclose the names of fact and expert witnesses who may testify at trial.
  • Mediation: Mediation is required in most, if not all counties we practice in and is a toll that is used to meet and discuss the issues in the case in an attempt to resolve and keep the parties out of the stressful situation of the courtroom.
  • Trial: If your case is not resolved through mediation your case will go to trial. At trial each party will present their case and provide evidence that backs up each claim they have. Each party will testify as t the issues in the case and a determination will be made as to the division of property, separate property, debt responsibility are some of the most common issues. If minor children are involved a determination will be made as to the best party to have physical custody and control over the children.