Georgia Felony Expungement is called the First Offenders Act that permits a first-time offender to have their criminal record wiped clean after completing their sentence, without violations of probation or new charges.

The Act does not include expungement for:

  • Serious Violent Crimes (i.e. Murder)
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Providing obscene or pornographic materials to a minor by use of electronic mediums.
  • Sexual exploitation of a child or minor
  • Child exploitation in any form
  • Pornography distributed via computer or computer network. This also includes other sexual cybercrimes.

The First Offender Act is not acknowledged by all States or the Federal Government and does not guarantee that the arrest or conviction will not be viewed by employers, etc. Other options for expungement are obtaining a Pardon from the Governor, or requesting the Court approve a “Conditional Discharge” pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 16-13-2, for first time drug possession or other qualified drug-related offenses, which permit a discharge of the conviction after completion of the conditions of sentencing, providing no new charges are accrued, or violations of probation occur.


Georgia Code §16-13-2 – Conditional discharge for possession of controlled substances as first offense and certain nonviolent property crimes; dismissal of charges; restitution to victims