In divorce matters, if parties are able to reach an agreement as to all issues, including custody and parenting time of children, child support, the division of assets and debts, and all other issues, then that agreement is drafted into a formal document known as a Settlement Agreement. After the Settlement Agreement is signed by both parties, it is filed with the Court and ultimately incorporated into a Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce, thereby making it an Order of the Court.

Reaching a Settlement Agreement is what makes a case go from contested to uncontested.

The Settlement Agreement

In the event that a separating couple arranges and settle all issues identified with their separation, regardless of whether casually or all through of-court procedures like intervention or collective law, the couple’s choices are concluded in detail in a composed settlement agreement. This agreement is then shown to a judge in the county/district branch of state court where the separation request of was filled.

A hearing will normally take place after, amid which the judge will ask some fundamental factual questions, and whether each gathering party understands¬†and decided to voluntarily consent to the arrangement.As long as the judge is satisfied that the understanding was reasonably arranged, and the terms don’t appear to blatantly support one party¬†over the other, the settlement agreement will quite often get court approval.