One of the greatest forms of a compliment is a client referral. Caryn S. Fennell, P.C. a premiere family and criminal law lawyer, is proud to showcase a sample of our client referrals. While past results in no way guarantee future outcomes for new clients, we believe an attorney's past performance is the best predictor of their future performance.

An attorney's true ability is measured in the evaluations of their peers.  Caryn S. Fennell, P.C. garners respect in the legal industry for being a hard hitting and unrelenting adversary where needed, and a compromising negotiator when necessary.  We are proud of our Client Centered Approach to resolving legal problems, and our peer reviews are a testament to our results.

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5.0 stars - Divorce/Child Support

Attorney Fennell and her staff are extremely professional, copious and skilled at what they do. Representation from this firm was well thought out and exact. Attorney Fennell and her staff, Kelly, Laurie and LeAnn are all very personable and are adept at making a stressful life event more manageable. They will most definitely be on my Christmas card list 🙂

5.0 stars - MY LAWYER FOR LIFE

My friend hired Ms. Fennell years ago to help with his divorce. I remember shocked about what he was going through. He told me things that I never imagined could happen to a man in a divorce. Then it happened to me. All the way through the only thing that gave him any hope was how hard Mrs. Fennell and her team worked to make sure his rights were defended. When my wife turned on me and tried to take my girls I went straight to Mrs. Fennell’s office. I was terrified but she is so confident and smart that I at least felt I genuinely had someone in my corner. I remember feeling out of control of my emotions because I was so scared. But, Mrs. Fennell made sure that I knew she would not let anything slip through the cracks. She knows what she is doing and how to handle these cases. Without any doubt everything my friend said about her was correct. She is a bulldog in the courtroom and refuses to back down when she knows her clients are being wronged. She does not play games like other lawyers who care more what everyone thinks than making sure the right thing happens. Every step of the way she stood up for me. The opposing counsel and even the guardian made things way more difficult than necessary and she had none of it. She fought every step of the way and won my case. My wife suffers from a mental illness that I cannot change but I can at least change my children’s lives thanks to Mrs. Fennell and her team. I can never thank her enough. She put effort into my case that no one would have. My friend made one mistake when he hired Mrs. Fennell, in that he hired someone else first. I did not make that mistake and am so glad I went straight to her. I give her the highest marks any review could let me give. Trust Mrs. Fennell. She is smart and she knows how to maneuver a case and she knows how to win. She will not back down when she is right and she will not sell you out. She is one of the best in the Atlanta area. I hope to never need her again but if I do then she is my lawyer for life.

5.0 stars - Effective, Knowledgeable and Focused

Attorney Fennell is amazing! Her vast understanding of the law and how to use it to give her client the best outcome is unmatched. I have a very complex and nasty child custody case that involved criminal charges. Nothing that attorney Fennell isn't at the very lease over qualified to handle. She charges on par with other divorce attorneys but the value you get is worth far more. She does not go to court unprepared. I truly believe if a case can be won attorney Fennell is the one who can win it. Her staff is knowledgeable and courteous. Communication has never been a problem. Any advice I would give would be: - Don't to hold anything back from her. Withholding information from her can only hurt your case. - Don't be afraid to be actively involved in your case. - Don't wait for "results" to give her your absolute trust. She has earned it and believe me "results" will come. In a big way. Attorney Fennell and her staff works with integrity expects the same. It may not be important to others, but it is to me. I feel like she is really just flat out a good person.

5.0 stars - Hey Dads listen up..........Caryn is the best!

Caryn is top notch class A++ of an attorney and guys listen up she is defiantly a fathers rights attorney. She is extremely knowledgeable of the law and very professional. She is not a pushover at all and this is what you want. I would recommend Caryn to anyone. Her staff is also very knowledgeable as well. I was made to feel at ease through the entire process. Her reviews is what caught my eye in the first place and I was not let down at all. She will tell you how it is and not beat around the bush. It was also noted while I was in court the respect other attorneys have for her as well as the judge. Thank you Caryn very much for handling my case.

5.0 stars - Best of the best.

Attorney Fennell is driven, focused, brilliant, and will take wonderful care of you and your case. My divorce was pretty straight forward, but she made sure that she did not stop until I was awarded everything that I deserved. I will recommend her to anyone and everyone. She is better than the rest and will be a friend by the time your case is settled. Thank you for everything!

5.0 stars - Exceptional and Extraordinary

I was involved deeply in a case where Attorney Fennell was the attorney. The case took a long time to get through, but not due to anything on our side. She was so genuine, honest and had the best interests throughout the entire process. Her belief in what is right for someone is paramount. She is brilliant, true to her profession while making sure whoever she is representing is informed every step of the way. Not only is her knowledge powerful, her compassion, integrity and quest for the truth is like nothing I have ever seen, If you are looking to be represented by someone who has your interests at hand, this is the person you need to hire. She will go to the end of the earth for you.

5.0 stars - Caryn is the best around

I honestly cannot say enough about attorney Fennell and her work as my attorney. I had an attorney previous to Caryn that really let me down in many aspects on my divorce. He wasn't aggressive and the opposing counsel was and we got run over. I interviewed dozens of attorneys after him but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I hired Caryn - and regret not having her the entire process. Her knowledge of the law, her determination in making things happen, her demeanor in and out of the court room, she worked tirelessly on my case even on the weekends, her staff is great to work with, and her arguments and credibility in front of the judge – I give all these things 10 out of 10 stars! There was literally a moment during a not pretty final hearing in front of the judge where I turned and looked at her senior paralegal and said “My God, Caryn is amazing at what she does” because she went point by point nailing down every aspect of my case for the judge after the opposing attorney tried to come at me and efficiently proved that so much of what they were saying were lies. Caryn, I can’t say it enough but thank you for the way you handled all aspects of my case. As you know, my only regret is that I didn’t have you during the first part of my divorce or I wouldn’t have gotten run over like I did with my previous attorney.
Kent September 15, 2015

5.0 stars - Amazing results!!!!

My wife and I went to Caryn a few months ago looking to get custody of my daughters from a previous marriage. Not only did her expertise and leadership exceed all expectation, but the speed of which Caryn and her staff provided results is mind blowing. Not only do I recommend her as an attorney, I will call you crazy for not hiring her! Do exactly what she tells you to do and you will get result! Also Kelly is awesome!

5.0 stars - Best Attorney in GA

I have truly enjoyed the opportunity of working with Attorney Fennell and her staff! They have been very responsive and respectful. Attorney Fennell is very affordable and very honest about what can be done or not done in a case. I have nothing but respect for this firm and will always use them if needed in the future!

5.0 stars - Best choice we ever made

Long and short of my Fiancé’s case is without Caryn, he would have never been able to see his children. We have her to thank for where we are today. Caryn has been amazing and feels as strongly about father rights as we do and that is what we needed. Caryn is fair, honest, very empathetic and extremely knowledgeable with the laws. We trust her with every decision she makes and every bit of guidance she has given. The one trait that we value the most is she will not back down and will fight for her clients rights. Switching attorneys and hiring Caryn is the best decision we ever made!